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My January WhiteBoard Wednesday list had a baby gift on it – but later in the month my daughter added another one to it. She had a baby shower to go to and being a college student, her budget was minimal – thus she requested I make the mom-to-be’s gift.

Wanting it to be quick and easy, I decided on a Diaper & Wipes Case and a few burp clothes, after browsing around Pinterest.

For the Diaper & Wipes Case I used this tutorial – and here’s my version:

mini diaper bag with goodies

I  bought a small pack of diapers and wipes from the dollar store. I wanted to ensure the recipient knew what it was for.

Then with another brief Pinterest hunt, I came up with this tutorial for burp clothes. Here’s my version:

folded up close


So, there you have my quick, throw together baby shower gifts! I will post more about the other baby shower gift at a later date – after I have given the gift to that mom-to-be. I’m not sure if she is a reader and I don’t want to blow the surprise.


This Wednesday I post a new list…What’s on your immediate to do list?

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  1. What lovely presents!
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