ThinkING Thursday

Looking fir for the Giveaway? You can find it HERE.  Well, this post should really be called No Brainer [or Thought] Thursday. Let me ‘splain… Do y’all remember not too long ago my confession about my obsession over nail polish and fabric – especially that designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet? Well, […]

Serious Catch-up **UPDATED**

I have a great deal of catch-up to do today. I think it has been an entire month since I have posted. I could list a million reasons why but instead I think it’s more important to move forward (who knows maybe admissions will leak out as we move ahead **wink, wink**). So, in the […]

#swoon2013 – part 2

I am 2/3 of the way in my block progress. Well that is what I thought back when I wrote #swoon2013 – Part 1. Back then, I thought I needed 30 blocks – 6 rows of 5 blocks. Now that I have 20 blocks done I am not so sure – more on that in […]


I have been a bit amazed by how quickly some of these UFOs have come together….and here’s another one. I started Myrtle, the Mystery Quilt, in early 2011. It was a mystery quilt by Sheila of Bluepatch Quilting.  I did not finish all the blocks but the parts I did complete were so much fun. […]

A Couple Monthly’s – July

I have completed a couple of July’s monthlys – Modern Stitching Bee & Sugar Block Club. My other monthly doesn’t come in until later in the month. Here is the July Sugar Block Club block… It is a lovely block but I have to say it didn’t come out to size it was supposed to […]