#swoon2013 – part 2

I am 2/3 of the way in my block progress. Well that is what I thought back when I wrote #swoon2013 – Part 1. Back then, I thought I needed 30 blocks – 6 rows of 5 blocks. Now that I have 20 blocks done I am not so sure – more on that in […]


I have been a bit amazed by how quickly some of these UFOs have come together….and here’s another one. I started Myrtle, the Mystery Quilt, in early 2011. It was a mystery quilt by Sheila of Bluepatch Quilting.  I did not finish all the blocks but the parts I did complete were so much fun. […]

Duckie Quilt

This is one of the softest quilt I have ever made….correction….I have ever finished. Let me explain…. This quilt was a collaborative project between my daughter and I – and not by choice on my part!!! Approximately 7/8 years ago I taught a beginners quilting class at my church (in Michigan). There were several mother/daughter […]

Secrets Told

Before I tell any secrets let me say…. We are certainly a blessed country – no matter how poorly run (did I say that?). Moving on!!! I have a couple of secrets to tell today (I love telling secrets – but only when its ok…) A couple months ago some of my bloggy friends and […]

ReVamp is DONE!!!

I have squeezed ReVamp into this quarter’s FinishAlong! I am so very excited about that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am excited it is done but I am more excited to have another item off my UFO list. AND today I will make my Green Lantern T-Shirt and then ALL the items on […]