Modified Card Trick Block

As you may and may not remember from last quarter’s tutorial, I had a great deal of HSTs left over from when I made my Swoon Quilt.

When using the Stitch n’ Flip technique – you know the one where you stitch across the diagonal, cut 1/4″ away from that line and flip it back – I always stitch 1/2″ away from the sewn line before cutting which leaves me with a pre-sewn HST. This is how I ended up with a full basket of HST! Enough for the following tutorial and last quarter’s pillowcase with plenty to spare (maybe you’ll see them again next quarter HeeHee).

This block I have called the Modified Card Trick Block because it brings the Card Trick Block to mind buuuut it’s a bit different – and a whole lot easier!!!

Here’s a Card Trick Block:

The finished Card Trick quilt block

My block has more white space in it and is made solely of HST:

modified card trick block


The hardest part of this block is making all the HST. Pictured above are four blocks – flipped a quarter turn each block. One block, in my opinion, was quite plain – plus I wasn’t sure what I would do with a 10″ finished project! BUT a 20″ block makes a great floor pillow for my granddaughter!

For each block you will you will need 24 HSTs – in groups of 3. You will want each group to be of varying color. They also need to be of a different value than the background – this contrast is important. My HST measure 2 1/2″ but you can make yours any size you want – just realize changing this size, will change the size of your finished block. Additionally, you will need – one 2 1/2″ square. If you are making the above size – you will need 96 HSTs and 4 squares.

Here is a pic of the breakdown of the block:

Quarter Layout

Lay out your HST in the above manner, sewing rows together and press. Be sure to press in alternating directions so that your seams will nestle. I chose to lay out all four blocks but don’t forget to turn the top right and bottom left blocks like this:

MCT Block Breakdown

The top row and every other row after that are pressed to the right – alternating rows pressed to the left.

This is very simple block -just a matter of laying it out and stitching in an organized manner!

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  1. The Card Trick was one of the very first quilt blocks I made, so I always enjoy seeing it. Love your updated version too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you! Appreciate your kind words!

  2. This is a lovely variation, and a great way to use up those left over HSTs!

    1. Thanks Leanne! I still have a crap-load!

  3. Love your variation. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Thanks for reading!

  4. Cool variation I will need to try out when I get a heap of bonus HSTs

    1. Thanks Nicky! I appreciate your kinds words. Sometimes its nice just to have different blocks in your “back pocket”.

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