2017 FAL Tutorial – Scrappy Flanged Binding Tutorial by Steph

Today I bring to you a great tutorial from Stephanie who I found on Instagram – you can find her at @stephdeagostini

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Here is the method I use to create my scrappy flanged binding. I originally learned how to create flanged binding using this tutorial (http://www.quiltscapesqs.com/2014/07/binding-faux-piping-plus-not-so-secret.html?m=1) from Deonn at www.quiltscapesqs.com. Her tutorial is incredible and explains the technique so clearly. Seriously- go read hers before you try making my scrappy version!

Ok, so first off you need to know how much binding you’ll need for your project. I’m using a 9 ½ ” unfinished size quilt block for this tutorial.

(HINT: Deonn actually went to the trouble in her tutorial of providing a formula for calculating just how much binding you need. Now, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her but she’s obviously not scared of math like I am….)

You will need to make two strips that EACH equal the total length of binding you will need. And yes, I know. It’s like having to make binding twice. Not my favorite either, but it sure does look great when you’re done!

I chose scraps that matched the prints in my block, but go for whatever you like. The crazier, the better. These will be pieced together in a big, long, scrappy strip that I will refer to as the Flange. For the non-scrappy strip, I chose the solid background I used in my block. I’ll call that the Main (or solid) fabric. I’ll try to be consistent but no guarantees. I have a scrappy mind, you see!

From your Main (solid) fabric, cut enough strips to create the length of binding you need. Sew together diagonally as you usually would to get one big long unmanageable strip.

**In this case (because I’m binding a mini, I went narrower than I usually would and cut my Solid/Main strips at 1″ wide. (It varies, but usually I cut them about 1 ¼ ” wide for a quilt)**

Gather your scraps and cut them up. Their width MUST be ¼” wider than the solid strips you just cut. Their length can vary, but anything shorter than about 3″ or so would just be an insane amount of piecing. Feel free to vary their lengths.

I know it’s a pain (especially if you are like me and prone to toasting your fingers) but press all those scrappy seams open to reduce bulk.

Now with right sides together, sew your two big long unmanageable strips together using a ¼” seam.

Nose that iron in there carefully after setting your seam and get that seam opened up.

Because of the piece-y-ness of the binding at this point, I find you need to use steam to get it pressed well. Sigh. There go my fingertips.

The following pictures will show how I attach my Scrappy Flanged Binding to my quilt:





*****Ending the “voice” of Stephanie

Thank you to Stephanie for a great tutorial and for each of you for visiting today!

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  1. Turned out great! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your process! I’ll be pinning this post for future reference!

  2. A great tutorial, thank you!
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  3. Looks lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Adds lots of visual Interest!
    Thankyou for the great tutorial.

  5. It looks fantastic! I can’t wait to give it a go. Thanks so much for taking the time to show us how you did it! Cheers from Australia!

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