Super Hero Quilts – DONE!!

Not only are the Super Hero Quilts done but I got to see my 4 grands (the recipients) and put the quilts in their hands!

Over this past holiday weekend – Memorial Day – my adopted daughter and her family came down and camped out by the lake in our back yard. They have four boys so it was right up their alley. The weather was gorgeous too!

memorial day camping

When she called to say they were coming I knew it was time to kick it into gear and get those quilts done. I mean it had only been 4 years in the making…WHA….

I had one of my FAL List but I didn’t care…I just hunkered down and got busy – even though I only had 2 weeks!!!  Yep…2 weeks and 2 of them were not even layered. I layered, quilted and bound 2 quilts (needless to say I was pulling them out of the dryer the moment they pulled in the driveway).

Here they are all on the fence…

Super Hero x4 front

The boys all share a room so Mom wanted the quilts to all match but be different. I decided to go with a D9P (disappearing 9-patch) but with different layouts and borders. They all have twin beds so all the quilts are close to 75×96 so they can just throw the quilts on the bed and the bed is made (no fuss). I think I made a million D9P blocks!

I must honor the boys by showing you each boy and their quilt. We couldn’t get them each to pose with their quilt so I inserted pictures of them into pictures of the quilts (oldest to youngest):

bugs quilt front

When the boys got to the house Bug said “Nana, I still sleep with the blanket you gave me last time I was at your house but its too short for me.” I just grinned because he had no idea what was coming. He was so excited to get his new quilt….”because it fit”!!! Bug is 10 – he is the only one I was present for the birth of. He is a sweet demeanor about him but will very quickly push the envelope. He spent his younger years around Papa and I and probably has the most memories of us.

carters quilt

Carter is the family clown but with a super sweet twist. I look at him and I can’t wait for him to grow up! I know that is weird to say but he is going to do spectacular things and have a great time doing it! If you ask me what I expect from him I can quickly and without waiver tell you, he may cure cancer with a Patch Adams twist.

johns quilt

John…Just look at that smile! Mom said John is a collector…I kept finding piles and asking what’s this, “John’s stuff” was always the response. Now with 3 brother, he could be hiding it or he could be discovering great finds. I haven’t spent a great deal around the two youngest but while watching them play I could tell John is a thinker. He watches, thinks, and then moves forward with purpose. I love that because it serves my OCD well! I also learned that he loves to count. He loves to put things in a baggie and keep a good count on it…again, this could be due to the fact that he has 3 brothers or that he likes numbers and is a thinker….regardless, he is a young man after Nana’s OCB (no typo here) heart!

adans quilt front

Now let me tell you about Adan – the youngest – who BTW is not a baby! I made that mistake numerous times!! I’m not sure I chose the right picture because it doesn’t do him justice!  Adan (pronounced, Aiden) knows how to win a girl’s heart! He can flash a smile and …HEART WON! But he does it with just the right amount of sarcasm…I love it! Their first night in they arrived kinda late and I had dinner waiting for them. Mom and Dad set up camp while I set about feeding the boys. A few minutes into them eating I said, “Adan you haven’t touched your dinner.” He smiled super big, literally touched his food and said “touch”. I laughed so hard I didn’t care if he ate or not! On the flip side of that…if he doesn’t get his way the people on the other side of the county will know it….Wha!?!?!?

All in all…they are all great and I am one blessed Nana…I am better for having them and super blessed that I got to make them each a quilt!

quilts received
Adan was not in the heart winning mood when this picture was taken and apparently neither was I!!!!!

As proof of just how quickly the last two quilts were done, here are the backs of the four quilts:

Super Hero Quilt Backs

HINT: the last 2 (speedily done ones) are super crooked!!

Well there you have it! The finished Super Hero/Americana Quilts and here is their following on the blog:

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I will link up with the 2016 Finish A Long with the time comes – just under a month to go!


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